Retail Voice Services

Retail Voice Services

We tailor cost effective and efficient voice solutions considering the need of residential and small business customers. 24×7 system monitoring facilities ensure that our customers’ needs are always properly addressed and all queries resolved promptly. Presently, our valued customers are enjoying our following services;

  • Calling cards Services
  • Broadband Phone Services
  • IP Telephony Services
  • Call Back Services
  • SMS Callback Services
  • Call Shop Services
  • PC to phone Services
  • Mobile Applications
  • Private Labeled Services
  • Retail Reseller

Calling cards

Vocal telecom offers a wide range of international pre-paid calling cards with different features to suit the need of a customer. These features include pin-less dialing, memorized speed dial numbers as well as the ability to recharge your card and set up convenient auto recharging. We aim to provide high quality telephony and supporting services at a competitive rate.

Broadband Phone Services

We offer Broadband Telephony services to allow our residential and small business customers to use a standard telephone and broadband Internet connection to make and receive phone calls at incredibly low rates.

IP Telephony Services

IP Telephony from Vocal Telecom Networks is a comprehensive suite of products and services that focuses on enabling your business with world-class Quality of Service (QoS) enabled voice services. Proven products form the core and provide seamless, high-quality TDM and IP network connectivity. Integrated with this core are flexible and full-featured billing and customer service applications offering all the options customer needed.

Call Back Services

The caller dials their own unique access number, listens for one ring and then hangs up before the call is answered or billed. Within seconds a call is initiated back to the customer’s telephone number, hence the name “callback”. The customer is then prompted to dial their destination number he/she wishes to call. The call is then routed through our Tier 1 carriers at low phone rates.
Our callback service allows a caller to place an international call from any phone number ( cell phone or landline ) in the world to anywhere in the world at our low international calling rates.

SMS Callback Services

SMS callback can be triggered by sending a SMS text to our servers and then the caller will receive a callback prompting the user to dial their destination number.

Call Shop Services

A call shop is a place where customers can come in order to make international calls. We provide call shop solution and international quality routes very competitive rates.

PC to phone Services

PC to phone is an option to make a call from PC or Laptop to phone. We offer a very featured-rich PC Dialer solution that allows users to make calls to anywhere in the world without any extra or hidden charges.
Our key focus is to provide easy installation with premium quality of voice to our valued customers. We offer very competitive calling rates on long distance global destinations.

Mobile Applications

Our Mobile Dialer provides the simplest way to make international calls from your mobile phone. This Dialer maintains excellent and perfect voice quality through out of your conversation. This Dialer delivers an extensive range of optimized and value added telecommunication services to manage and synchronize next generation complex communication systems efficiently.
The customers need to just download the mobile dialer software from the download zone for free and top up their account and start making international calls.

Private Labeled Services

Vocal Telecom Private Label Service can be used to start your own long distance business, at minimal cost, or to enhance an existing business by adding additional services, custom branded in your name, to your current product line. Private label service promotes your business name instead of our name and our access number plays your company name instead of the Vocal Telecom name each time your customer makes a call.

You can add private label international travel card, cellular long distance, and wake-up service to your current offering or start you own virtual long distance business, without having to invest thousands of dollars in switching and billing equipment.

Retail Reseller

Vocal Telecom is an emerging retail carrier services provider. We allow Carriers and the Resellers to join and grow along with us. Going by the next generation infrastructure and the dedicated retail services management team that we have, you are sure to benefit a lot with us.

As our retail agent you will be able to utilize the business expertise and excellence of Vocal Telecom. A comprehensive product portfolio, ample training to kick-start reselling process and 24x7x365 technical support are certainly going to help you cater to the needs of the end-users in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

Telecom Equipment

  • SIP Gateway
  • IP Gateway
  • GSM Gateway
  • TDM Gateway
  • IP Telephone Phones
  • ATA
  • IP PBX etc.
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Telecom Services

  • Wholesale Voice Services
  • Enterprise Voice Services
  • Retail Voice Services
  • SMS Terminate Services
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Telecom Solutions

  • Hosted Switching Solutions
  • Carrier Class Billing Solutions
  • Rates Mamagment Systems
  • QoS Monitring System
  • Telecom Mgmt.Systems
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